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Top Engineering Colleges in Telangana 2018 list – Rank wise & With Code

During every Summer Season, many Students as well as their Parents will go through a Difficult Time choosing the right College for Engineering. This Decision will give an effect to the Student’s Bright Future as well as their Career. It is the responsibility of the Parents as well as the Students to select a good Engineering College. The Branch of Engineering they select also play a Key Role in their Career because it is very essential to know one’s Interest in a specific field. We will help you in determining your Interests and help you having a better career among your peers. We will give you all the tips to select an Engineering College. Many Students after their 10 + 2 or Intermediate should know few things while joining in an Engineering College or University. We are giving you a List of Top Engineering Colleges in Telangana and in all Districts of Telangana. We are providing you this information in order to help the Students who are going around and searching for all the Engineering Colleges. Now, many Engineering Colleges have emerged in the recent years. You can use the information available in our Website.

 List of Engineering Colleges in Telangana Dist wise

Adilabad Hyderabad
Karimnagar Khammam
Mahaboobnagar Medak
Nalgonda Nizambad
RangaReddy Warangal

List of Engineering Universities in Telangana

There are many State as well as Central Universities, Deemed Universities and many Other Colleges in the newly Formed State of Telangana. There are 336 Engineering Colleges, 17 Government Engineering Colleges, 17 Medical Colleges out of which 4 are Government Colleges & 13 are Private Colleges, 197 MCA Colleges out of which 17 are Government & 180 Private Colleges, 496 MBA Colleges out of which 18 are Government & 478 are Private Colleges, 186 Polytechnic Colleges – 55 Government Colleges & 131 Private Colleges, 168 Pharmacy Colleges which includes 4 Govt Colleges and 164 Private Colleges, and many Educational Institutions. Here we are giving the List of Engineering Universities in Telangana State.

S. No Name of the University Located at
1. Osmania University Hyderabad
2. Kakatiya University Warangal
3. Satavahana University Karimnagar
4. Telangana University Nizamabad
5. Mahatma Gandhi University Hyderabad
6. Palamuru University Palamuru
7. JNTU Hyderabad
8. Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Hyderabad
9. Ambedkar Open University Hyderabad
10. JNTU Fine Arts University Hyderabad

How to Select the Right Branch of Engineering

Many Students after completing their 10+2 or Intermediate, are not clear about how to select a Right Branch in their Engineering. We will help you to select your Branch now. Here are the Two Questions which comes in the mind of the Parents as well as the Students who are interested in Engineering. The Two Questions are one, Which College to Join in? and the second one, which branch to Join in? We will clear all your queries by providing you with the detailed information on selecting your Stream in Engineering. There are some Factors which are to be kept in Mind while selecting a Branch in Engineering. We will help you find yourself. We will help help you find your Interests. All you have to do is to answer some Questions. We will give you a Brief Description on every Branch of Engineering. So that, you can select the Right Branch suitable for you.

Civil Engineering ( CE ):

  • Are you interested in Building Structures or Making Building?
  • Do you ever think of Making Wonders & shine like a Thunder?
  • Do you have Interest in Making Houses?
  • Did you ever think how a Building is constructed and wanted to know about the Building Making?
  • Above All, Is your Aim to become an Civil Engineer ?

If your Answers are Yes to the above Questions, this is the Right Branch for you. It is also very Necessary for you to do a Required amount of Home Work on the Civil Engineering Branch before you join in the College.

Electrical & Electronics Engieering ( EEE ):

  • Did you ever wanted to know how the Electrical Appliances in your house work?
  • Are you ever interested to know how the Computer is Designed?
  • Are you interested to make your own Robot?
  • Do you know anything about Sensors & Transistors?
  • Did you ever opened your Switch Board & repaired it?

If your Answers are Yes, then this is the Right Branch for you. There is a Small Difference between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering. There is same Branch for the Electrical & Electronic Engineering. But in Some Colleges, there will be different Branches. So, the Students have to know the Difference between the branches and join the right Branch. The Job Opportunities depend on the College & Campus Selections in that College.

Mechanical Engineering ( ME ):

  • Are you Interested in making Things which are useful in the Everyday Life ?
  • Are you Interested in the Designing of Cars & Bikes?
  • Are you Interested in Physics?
  • Did you ever ask your Teacher How a Specific thing Works?

If Yes, then this is the Group or Stream which is useful to you. Before selecting the Group, it is also necessary to also know about the College & Job Opportunities in a Specific College. Also make sure you know the basic Idea about about a Specific Branch of Engineering.

How to Choose a Right Engineering College

Many Students as well as Parents will always get confused in selecting a Good Engineering College which is correct for a Specific Stream. Here, we are helping you to get clear idea on How to Select a Right Engineering College for the Chosen Stream or Field of Engg. You can have these things in mind which selecting an Engineering College. The Factors to be kept in Mind for choosing an Engg College are as Follows.

Some of the Factors are as Follows:

  1. Location of the College.
  2. Faculty & their Quality.
  3. Facilities & Infrastructure.
  4. Results.
  5. Fees.
  6. Campus Placements.

1. Location of the College: When we select a College, Location of the College plays an Important Role. It is very essential to know about the Surroundings of your College. If Your College is at a Pleasant & a Peaceful Place. It is better for any Student to select a College which is near to your Home. It saves the various Expenditures such as Hostel Fees, Food Expenses, etc.., If you cannot find a Good College in Your Town or City, it is good to search for a Right Engineering College near your Town or City. It will be easier for you to got to College and come home. So, Location is also an Important Factor in selecting a Right Engineering College.

2. Faculty & their Quality : As a large number of new Engineering Colleges are emerging every Academic Year, getting an Admission is not a Major Problem. But Getting Admission in a Right Engineering College is very Necessary. Most of the newly Emerging Engineering Colleges do not have Good Faculty. So, while taking Admission & Joining a College, you have to speak with the Faculty, know their Qualifications, check if your Stream has a Good, Experienced and adequate Faculty. You can also ask the Students and know about the Faculty. Thus, this is also an essential Factor in Choosing a College for their Branch.

3. Facilities & Infrastructure : If you are Going to Take an Admission in a College, it is suggested to check the Facilities, Infrastructure such as the Library, Labs, Canteen, etc.., You can visit the College and see the Quality of the Facilities & Infrastructure in Person. Hence, this is also very Important to Know about the Infrastructure. Because, once you Join in College, you have to study there for four Years.

4. Results : For any College, the Results exhibit and show if a College is a Good one or not. Hence, you also have to know about the Results of the College you are going to join in. The Results are an Indication for a Faculty in that College. Bad Results indicates Poor Quality Faculty, Good Results indicate Good Faculty. You can reject to take Admission if the College has very Poor Results in the Previous Academic Year as it is a Sign of Bad Career Opportunities for the Students.

5. Fees: Fee is also very important to join in a College. The First thing you have to keep in Mind is knowing the Fee Structure. The Second one, is checking if your Parents can Afford the Fee in a Specific College. The Third one, Do not take a back step to join in an Engineering College. In fact, the Govt Engineering Colleges have a Decent & Good Faculty, Infrastructure, Good Fee Structure. Hence, this is also an Important Aspect to Join in a College.

6. Campus Placements : This is the most important Factor in selecting a College. Because of Global Recession, Job Opportunities have been decreasing all over the world. If there are good Campus Placements in a College, it shows that the College has Good Faculty, Good Infrastructure and good Facilities. Thus, it is also very Essential to know about the Campus Placements as the Main Aim of every Student will be to get Placed in a Good Company with a Decent Pay Scale.

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