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UPSC IAS Syllabus 2017 2018 & Civil Service Exam pattern – Download Pdf

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission): The UPSC has released Notification for the IAS Civil Services Examination Dates recently. The UPSC Conducts Civil Services Exams every year for Recruitment of the Candidates. The Civil Services include IAS (Indian Administrative Services, Indian Forest Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Police Services, etc.., The UPSC Recruitment Notification 2017 at the Official Portal of upsc, specifies the Exam Calendar & Exam Dates of IAS Syllabus 2017 2018 Civil Services Prelims, Mains as well as Interview. The Candidates who have a Strong Desire to Serve the Nation aspires to work in the Indian Civil Services. The Exam Time Table for UPSC IAS Preliminary & Mains Exam 2017 is made available to you. It is very important for the Candidates to know the UPSC IAS Exam Pattern 2017-18, new UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam Syllabus 2017-2018,Important Dates regarding the IAS Examinations,Tips to Clear the Examination, Marks and Syllabus for the UPSC IAS Interview. Hence, we give you the details about the UPSC IAS examination 2017, Syllabus & Exam Pattern below. You can check them before you start preparing for the IAS Examinations 2017 2018.

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Download UPSC IAS Syllabus 2017 2018

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) was first established on the date of 1st October, 1926. Due to the failure of satisfying the Aspirations of the People and the Struggle of the Leaders during the Indian Freedom Movement, the Formation of Federal Public Service Commission paved way. The FPSC was formed under the Government of India Act, 1935. The Government found the need for setting up an autonomous body for the recruiting candidates in the Civil Services and also safeguarding the interests of the Civil Services. This made an initiation for forming a Self – Governing Body named as the Union Public Service Commission on 26th of January, 1950. Since the entity was set up, it has been recruiting lakhs of Candidates over the years. The Candidates who are selected for the Services will have a Bright Future. Many Intellectual Brains of the Country have worked in the Civil Services. This shows the importance of the IAS Examinations.The Details of the UPSC IAS Notification, the Brief view on the Eligibility Criteria are given below.

Details about the UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination:

Name of the Post: Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Name of the Organization: UPSC, Union Public Service Commission.

Official Website: www,

Names of the IAS Examinations: Preliminary or CSAT or Prelims Exam, Mains Exam.

Name of the Organization: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Location of the Job: Across India.

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Qualification:  The Candidates must have possessed a Graduation Degree in any field.

Age Criteria: The Age of the Candidates should be in between 21 years and 32 Years. 

Selection Method: The Selection process include a Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam and a Personality test or an Interview.

UPSC IAS Syllabus & Exam Pattern

After applying for the IAS Examinations, the candidates should make sure that they prepare well for the Examinations to get Qualified. The Main concentration must be on the Time Management as well as the analysing the Questioning Pattern. The Students have to understand the importance of knowing the Topics in the UPSC IAS Syllabus 2017. Without a right knowledge on the Syllabus will make you get good marks in the UPSC IAS Prelims 2017 & UPSC IAS Mains 2017, the Students should also know the Exam Pattern, negative Marking, etc.., The Syllabus for both CSAT Exam 2016 and Mains Exam 2018 are given here. You can know the Syllabus & Exam Pattern to clear the CSE (Civil Services Examination).

UPSC IAS Syllabus 2017-2018

To get Success in the UPSC IAS Civil Services Examinations, you should have clear knowledge on the Syllabus of UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam 2017. There will be no Question of whether you are an experienced Candidate or a Beginner in the Aspect of getting prepared for the Examination, you must have a proper knowledge on the UPSC IAS Syllabus to clear your Examinations. To give you a better view on the IAS Civil Services UPSC  Exam Syllabus, we are providing you the Subject Wise Topics below. The Syllabus of IAS Prelims as well as Mains are as also provided.

The Syllabus for the IAS Civil Services UPSC Prelims Examination or CSAT Exam 2016:

I. Topics in Paper I : General Studies (200 Marks)

  1. Current Events of National & International Importance.
  2. Geography of India as well as the World: Physical, Economic and Social Aspects.
  3. Polity & Governance of India: Constitution and the Political aspects.
  4. General Science.
  5. The General Issues on Environmental Ecology, Climate Change and Bio Diversity.
  6. Economic & Social Development :  Demography, Sustainable Development, Inclusion, Social Sector Initiatives, Poverty, etc..,
  7. Indian History & Indian National Movement.

II. Topics in Paper II : General Ability or Aptitude (200 Marks)

  1. Comprehension.
  2. Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability.
  3. General Mental Ability.
  4. Comprehension Skills English language ( 10th Standard Level).
  5. Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills.
  6. Decision Making & Problem Solving.
  7. Basic Numeracy (Orders of Magnitude, Numbers & their Relations, etc.., of 10th Standard Level), Data Interpretation such as Charts, Tables, Graphs, Data Sufficiency, etc.., (10th Standard Level).
  8. Question based on the English Language Comprehension Skills (10th Standard Level). (The Candidates will be tested through giving questions on the Passages without providing hindi translation for those Questions).

The Syllabus for the IAS Civil Services UPSC Mains Examination 2016:

The UPSC IAS Mains Exam 2017 contains 9 Papers out of which 2 Papers are in the nature of Qualifying nature while the other 7 are based on merit Ranking. The Subjects in those Papers are described below.

S.No. Name of the Paper. Name of the Subject.
1. Paper – A. Indian Languages.
2. Paper – B. English.
3. Paper – I. Essay.
4. Paper – II. General Studies – I.
5. Paper – III. General Studies – II.
6. Paper – IV. General Studies – III.
7. Paper – V. General Studies – IV.
8. Paper – VI. Optional Subject (Paper – 1).
9. Paper – VII. Optional Subject (Paper – 2).

I. Topics in Paper I : Indian Language

The Indian Languages according to the IAS Civil Services UPSC Mains signifies the Languages which are present in the 8th Schedule to the Indian Constitution. The Script to be used by the Candidates will be based on the Language he or she selects for the Paper A of Indian Languages. The Paper A (Indian Language) in the UPSC IAS Mains is not compulsory for the Candidates who belong to the North Eastern States such as Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Tripura.

Topics in Indian Language (Paper – I):

  1. Comprehensive Type of Questions related to the Given Passage.
  2. Short Essay.
  3. Vocabulary & Usage.
  4. Precise Writing (in other words, making a summary).
  5. Translation from English to the Selected Indian Language and Vice Versa.

The List of the Languages as well as the Scripts to be used for the respective Languages are given below here.

S.No. Name of the Language. Script.
1. Assamese. Assamese.
2. Bodo. Devanagari.
3. Gujarati. Gujarati.
4. Kannada. Kannada.
5. Konkani. Devanagari.
6. Malayalam. Malayalam.
7. Marathi. Devanagari.
8. Punjabi. Gurmukhi.
9. Telugu. Telugu.
10. Tamil. Tamil.
11. Santhali. Olchiki or Devanagari.
12. Urdu. Persian.
13. Bengali. Bengali.
14. Dogri. Devanagari.
15. Hindi. Devanagari.
16. Kashmiri. Persian.
17. Maithili. Devanagari.
18. Manipuri. Bengali.
19. Sanskrit. Devanagari.
20. Sindhi. Arabic or Devanagari.
21. Nepali. Devanagari.
22. Oriya. Oriya.

II. Topics in Paper II: English

  1. Comprehensive Type of Questions related to the Given Passage.
  2. Short Essay.
  3. Vocabulary & Usage.
  4. Precise Writing (in other words, making a summary).

III. Topics in Paper III: Essay

The Candidates are given some Topics. They have to Write Essays on those Given Topics in Brief. They Should not Deviate from the Given Topics. The Essay can be Written in the Language selected by the Candidates. The Candidates have to write the Essay in Orderly manner briefly.

IV. Topics in Paper IV: General Studies – I

  1. Indian Culture: Architecture, Literature, Art Form since the Ancient Times.
  2. Modern Indian History from the Eighteenth Century till Present Significant events & Issues.
  3. The Freedom Struggle of the Country: Different Stages and Contributions from various Parts of the Country.
  4. Post Independence: Consolidation as well as Reorganization within the Country.
  5. History of the World: Events taking place since 18th Century; Industrial Revolution, Colonization & Decolonization, etc.., Political Changes such as Capitalism, Socialism, etc.., Effects of these Changes on the Society.
  6. Indian Society, Diversity in India: Salient Features.
  7. Geography of the World & its Salient Features.
  8. The Concepts of Communalism, Secularism, Social Empowerment, Regionalism, etc..,
  9. Distribution of key Natural Resources all over the World, etc..,

V. Topics in Paper V: General Studies – II

  1. Governance.
  2. Constitution.
  3. Polity.
  4. Social Justice.
  5. Internal Relations.

VI. Topics in Paper VI: General Studies – III

  1. Technology.
  2. Economic Development.
  3. Disaster Management.
  4. Environmental.
  5. Security.
  6. Bio-Diversity.

VII. Topics in Paper V: General Studies – IV

  1. Aptitude.
  2. Ethics.
  3. Integrity.

VIII. Topics in Paper VI: Optional Subject (Paper – 1)

The Candidates have to select the Optional Subject. The Questions asked in this Paper depends on the Subject selected by the Candidate.

IX. Topics in Paper VI: Optional Subject (Paper – 2)

The Candidates have to select the Optional Subject. The Questions asked in this Paper depends on the Subject selected by the Candidate.

Optional Subjects: The Candidates have to select two subjects as Optional Subjects. The Optional Subjects are as follows.

  • Agriculture.
  • Anthropology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Commerce & Accountancy.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Geology.
  • Law.
  • Mathematics.
  • Medical Science.
  • Physics.
  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.
  • Zoology.
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.
  • Botany.
  • Economics.
  • Geography.
  • History.
  • Management.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Philosophy.
  • Political Science & International Relations.
  • Public Administration.
  • Statistics.

UPSC IAS Interview Syllabus 

The Candidates who are selected and qualified in the Prelims Examination & Mains have to attend an interview. Most of the Candidates are not well-known of What Questions are asked in the UPSC IAS Interview. Are you one of them? Then, get a clear idea of the Questions asked in the interview. Initially, the Questions will be asked on your name, your school, your college. You have known the events and important Dates which coincide with your Date of Birth or the year in which you are born. You have to make sure that you answer the Questions Honestly. When you asked about why or what makes you to join the Civil Services, you should avoid saying answers like Servicing the Country, Nation, etc.., The Interview Panel may ask you on How you are going to react and what measures you are going to take when a Natural Disaster Occurs in Your District if you are an IAS Officer or Collector of that District. You should be Confident & Honest of what you are saying.Mainly, the Personality Test will be on the aspects of Logical and Reasoning than the Subject Knowledge. There will be Questions asked about You, Your Hobbies, Your Home Town, the Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Politics, Economics, Situation Questions, etc.., The Main factors which are considered in the Personality Test are as follows.

  1. Mental Alertness.
  2. Clear & Logical Exposition.
  3. Knowledge & Interest of Current Affairs.
  4. Specificness & Depth of Interests.
  5. Leadership Skills.
  6. Critical Powers of Assimilation.
  7. Social Traits.
  8. Balance of Judgement.
  9. Ability of Social Cohesion.
  10. Intellectual & Moral Integrity.

UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services Exam Pattern 2017-18

The UPSC IAS Exam is also known as Civil Services Examination (CSE). The UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services will consist of Two Stages which is One, UPSC IAS Preliminary Examination or Prelims Examination which is regarded as CSAT, the Civil Services Aptitude Test from the year 2011; the Second, UPSC IAS Mains Examination which is inclusive of a Personality Test which is generally called as Interview.

The UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination is generally conducted on the Sunday of the Second Half of the Month of August. It was declared in the Official Website of upsc which is  that the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam will be conducted this year on the 7th of August, 2016.This Prelims Examination is a Qualifying Nature Exam. The Duration for each Paper is 2 Hours. The Paper I is held in the Morning Session, Paper II is held in the Afternoon Session. The marks Scored by the Candidates in the Prelims are not included in the Mains.

The UPSC IAS Civil Services Mains Examination is generally conduced in the month of November or December. This Mains Exam will spread over 3 weeks. The Papers in the UPSC Mains Exam 2017 are conventional Essay Type Papers.  The Duration for Each Paper is 3 Hours. There are 9 Papers in the UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services.The UPSC Mains Exam 2016 was released by the Union Public Service Commission through its Official Portal or Site. The UPSC Civil Services Exam is to be held from the 3 rd of this December, 2017. The Candidates those are qualified in the UPSC Mains Examination will have to attend an Interview.

The Exam Pattern of the UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2017-2018 is as follows:

The Prelims Exam of IAS UPSC Civil Services Examination is a Written Examination. The Questions in the Preliminary or the Prelims Exam of the UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services are Objective Type with MCQ’s which means Multiple Choice Questions ( i.e. the aspirants have to select an Option among the given options for that specific Question in the Question Paper). The IAS Prelims Exam 2017 includes two Papers which are Paper I as well as Paper II. The IAS Prelims Paper I exam consists of 200 marks on the Topics of General Studies as well as IAS Prelims Paper II also consists of 200 Marks on the Topics of Aptitude. The Duration for the IAS Prelims Paper I & Paper II are 4 Hours (Paper – I: 2 Hours & Paper – II: 2 Hours). The Selection of the Candidates to the Mains Exam is done on the basis of the marks (Qualifying marks) scored in the Paper I (General Studies). The Candidates have to obtain 33% to get qualified in the Paper II(Aptitude Test or General Ability Test).  The Students have to note that the Marks obtained by the Candidates in Prelims are for Qualifying but are not determined in the Final Ranking or Merit. The Candidates can understand the exam Pattern clearly by the below provided Table.

S.No. Name of the Paper. Name of the Subject. Questions will be asked in medium of. No.of Questions to be asked. Marks. Duration of the Exam.
1. Paper – I. General Studies. English & Hindi. 100 Questions. 200 Marks. 2 Hours.
2. Paper – II. General Ability or Aptitude. English & Hindi. 80 Questions. 200 Marks. 2 Hours.
Total. 180 Questions. 400 Marks. 4 Hours.

Note: The Paper I & Paper II in the UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam will be conducted in two Sessions.

The Exam Pattern of the UPSC IAS Exam Civil Services Mains Examination 2016-2017 is as follows:

The UPSC IAS Civil Services Mains Exam is a written examination which contains 9 Papers. The Paper A as well as Paper B are Qualifying nature. The Papers Which are considered for Ranking are Paper I, Paper II, Paper III, Paper IV, Paper V, Paper VI and Paper VII which include the papers of optional Subjects. The Candidates can select the Medium of Hindi or English for the UPSC Civils IAS Mains exam 2017-2018. The Final Ranking of the Candidates is done based on the Marks the Students have Obtained in their Mains as well as Personality Test or an Interview. We will let you understand more clearly by providing you the Exam Pattern as under.

S. No. Name of the Paper. Name of the Subject. Nature of the Paper. Duration of the Exam. Medium in which Questions are asked Marks.
1. Paper – A. Indian Language. Qualifying Nature. 3 Hours. Only in english. 300 Marks.
2. Paper – B. English Language. 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 300 Marks.
3. Paper – I. Essay. Merit Ranking Nature. 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
4. Paper – II. General Studies – I. 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
5. Paper – III. General Studies – II. 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
6. Paper – IV. General Studies – III. 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
7. Paper – V. General Studies – IV. 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
8. Paper – VI. Optional Subject (Paper – I). 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
9. Paper – VII. Optional Subject (Paper – II). 3 Hours. Hindi & English. 250 Marks.
Total. 1,750 Marks.
Interview or Personality Test. 275 Marks.
Grand Total. 2,025 Marks.


  • The Indian Languages pertain to the Languages which are mentioned in the 8th Schedule to the Indian Constitution.
  • The Candidates who are qualified in the Mains as well as the Interview or the Personality Test will be Selected on the Basis of Merit Ranking on the Marks they have attained in the UPSC IAS Mains as well as Interview.


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  92. Plzz let me know the whole syllabus of psychology including all other subjects also…..

  93. me IAS bankar apne desh ke liye kuch karana chahta hu

  94. me IAS banane ke liye kese padaye karu

  95. I wasn’t study for IAS I want to know everything about it like syllabus,pattern qualifications etc.

  96. i have a science PCB.what can i do after completing 12th me

  97. Sir / ma’m nenu telugu medium student ni nenu ias rayalani undi please advise for me I have completed in Bsc

  98. Hi,
    I m a student at present.
    I want to become an IAS officer.
    So pliz share me everything what is necessary to become an ias officer.

  99. gd mrg..iam sampath telangana state..iam (ape)economics.integrated course..third year i prepared in the ias exam but..yous vailable solutions..share with me.thk

  100. Hum upsc ki tayari kar kha padhae kre so please mujhe achhe place aur achha coaching btaye

  101. Main kamlesh Bachhaniya (mp)dewas se mughe upsc main IAS adhikari banana hain

  102. Main kamlesh Bachhaniya (mp)dewas se mughe upsc main IAS adhikari banana hain please mughe gai dens digiyega sir pre person tayari kese kare

  103. Hlo i want prepare upsc so please suggest me which
    Coughing will join I have some problem ,I’m not passed in English subject in metric but I have to don
    Metric from Bihar bord but there is no compulsory for english i have got15marked so pls suggest me i comfortable for this examination pls suggest me sir
    I’m also passed in metric in 2011

  104. pls sir help me
    मेरा बी ऐ फानल है इस साल।
    मैIAS की तैयारी करना चाहता हूँ।
    उसके लिए what करू।

  105. sir i want to express my ideas for ias aspirants through your esteemed website. first of all you have to choose your two close friendly subjects and have some good knowledge about them . then the confidence to give a goal to your and your parent’s dreams make your way clear from all the obstacles . i am merely a student but i can see my parent’s eyes full of dreams and i will catch the goal.

  106. Please suggest me what are the strategies for prilims preparation …

  107. I am an aerospace engineering student.I want to be IAS officer.please give me suggestion

  108. Sir I m bsc first year student and I want to be an Ias officer.. plz give me suggestion..

  109. i am a year student my aim ias officer plys help me.

  110. Sir am saroja completed MBA ..
    And I interested to attend IAS exam..
    Can I take optional subject as Management…
    Please giv some ideas

  111. Myself m.a Hindi b.a with public administration I want prepare for upsc pre plz tell me how I should start.

  112. Hey I am preparing for IAS n I have chosen sociology as my optional…. Any suggestions for sociology book??

  113. Im undergraduate computer science engineer, i want to be an IAS officer….so plz suggest me the subject to be taken

  114. Sir I m B A h Economics student and I want to be I A S officer…. plz give me suggestion sir

  115. Sir I am btec first yr student and I want to be an ias officer plz plz give me suggestion

  116. Dear sir,
    This is ashu.
    I done B tech. Mech. From ksou University by crossbones so can I able to face the exam of ias,

  117. Interview ke baad b kuch hota h kya.,?

  118. I wish to attend UPSC EXAM 2017.I comleted my PG In Microbiology.In Degree level I have optional subject Microbiology.Botany.N which subject is better to choose as a optional .or any other subjects will b better.plese suggest.

  119. i have done my bca can i apply IAS

  120. I am Natwar singh. I want to be give me suggestion for do it.

  121. U should complete only the selected book

  122. maine geography hons se BA kiya h or geography se hi MA kiya h age 25 ho gyi or UPSC karna chahta hu pleas best addvise me………

  123. I have complet my Bsc or BAMS can i apply IAS

  124. Which books useful for IAS exam??

  125. Go through with upsc syllabus thoroughly. Study&criticaly analyse what happening to the universe. Up to date your go and write d exam confidently.u can achieve it goal.

  126. No one can give exact and to ur question.first understand the syllabus of cse and prepare well.

  127. Yes you can apply. Go through and understand the eligibility criteria for the cse from the website of upsc.

  128. Go through the upsc will get all information.

  129. Pls check educational qualification for the cse from the website of upsc.

  130. No subject is good or bad. A subject is good to you for studying and availability of material are concerned.

  131. Visit upsc website and understand entire exam process.

  132. You will get a cup of tea or coffee as per your taste.

  133. Regularly visit ups website and you will get all the information.

  134. No suggestion. Understand the syllabus from the upsc website and do accordingly.

  135. For who all are sincerely appearing to the civil service examination.
    Visit regularly the website of upsc(
    Study & understand the syllabus,educational qualification required,number of attempts,maximum age,optional subjects for main exam,regional languages for main exam etc from the website of upsc.
    Up to date your gk through different methods like reading & studying the national & international newspapers and magazines.
    Watch & understand selective programmes on TV & radio such as loksabha TV, rajyasabha TV etc.
    Make your own notes for your reference.
    Learn at least a new topic daily.
    Don’t compare With others who are preparing the same.
    Believe in yourself & do 101% efforts towards your goal. No one in the world knows you,what you knows yourself.
    If you have any doubt regarding the exam only relay on upsc.
    All the best for all aspirants.
    Thanks for your time.

  136. Sir,
    Thank you for the valuable information.

  137. Sir , mai bhi IAS Officer banana chahta hun ,so I request you please some idea give me which I success in my life

  138. Dear aneesh sir,
    You are the only person opened my eyes. All the informations are very valuable lesson for the first time aspirant like me. Thank you so much.

  139. How to prepare for UPSC Exam.which
    Type questions comes in the exam.please tell about it all.

  140. Since which class a candidate should be conscious regarding civil service? I mean since what age and maturity?

  141. Dear Sir,

    i am already complete and job as an accountant in UAE . which subject is suitable for prepare IAS exam for me . is UPSC give online written exam facilities to candidates .please indication

  142. Sir,
    I m pursuing mechanical engineering in 2nd year sir i want to make IAS officer plz give me the list of book for IAS preparation and which subject is better for me.

    Thank u sir,

  143. Sir m IAS banna chahta hu or manay abhi pcm se 12 th pass kiya h mujhe IAS k liye kya karna chahye

  144. Hello sir/madam
    I am math student..
    How can I start my UPSC carrier & which option are open for me?
    Required your suggestions..
    Thank you

  145. Hi sir ,
    My name is samreen Begum.
    I am studying in BSc ..
    Which optional subject better to choice..
    Sir please tell me which age or which year i can start preparation…..
    Please please please reply answer…

  146. i am in 10 which subject should be concentrated more for IAS


  148. Right track given about upsc

  149. Thakur Shivam singh banafar

    I m intressed upsc

  150. I am completed +12 I can join to Ias coaching there is no problem I can join

  151. Adored…. Madam/Sir
    I am an MBA graduate.I want to become An IAS/IFS.
    Which subject I choose for my optional?
    Please help me….



  153. I m in BA 1st year I really wanna know abt which book content all syllabus of psychology in one book only ?..which should I prefer pls suggest me .

  154. Dear sir I m stududing in Bca 1st sem can I apply IAS exam during the study time please give me fully detail

  155. namaskar sir
    main diploma in civil engg ist year ka student hun maine isi saal bihar board se matric kiya hai aur abhi aligarh muslim university ka student hun
    mujhe abhi se hi ias ki taiyari karni hai mujhe kya karna chahiye

  156. Sir, guide me to prepare IAS exam , I have completed my with computer science and I am doing job also , Please suggest me ,how to prepare myself for IAS exam.

  157. Hi
    My self Ravikant from modibagar gaziabad UP. passed from CCS university.
    Mai IAS Ki study krna chata hu mujhe koi advise do,

  158. prashant kumar tiwari

    dear sir /mam
    I am the student of b.a 1st yr and I want to ba an ias officer and I choose the pol. science sub in mains .
    please give me some valuable idea to preparation in right way.

  159. Sir,
    guide me to understand the preparation of ias

  160. Hello…mam/sir..
    This is Chetlal, I have completed BE in mechanical , and I would like to prepare the UPSC exam , but I am lit confused that which sub. Will better for me.

    So plz reply me. Thanks

  161. Shri Debajit kalita



    I’ve done computer science and engineering and I want to clear upsc examination… What will be the best subject for me…?
    As I can see their is civil engineering,ee but not computer science and engineering… Can u tell me which subject is better as optional for a computer science engineer…?

  163. Hello ‘sir’ i am studed in Bsc 1st year in computer science just me for which type of subject is good for me for IAS preaperation
    Pls reaply me fast


  164. mai IAS bana chahta hu mujhe koun sa subject ki taiyari kari hogi please mujhe achhe se jankari di jiye thank you

  165. Hello,Sir maiene isi saal commerce stream se 12th kia hai.Ab kr rhi hun civil services ki taiyari krna chahti hun. kripya syllabus aur important books ki jankari den.

  166. I am a cse enginnering student which and what subject should i study to qualify UPSE exam??

  167. Hello sir/mam
    I am b.s.c zoology passed 2015 .mai IAS ki study krna chata hu . Mujhe koi bhi advice do

  168. Bhai koi to bataye rrbalp me job karte huwe civil service ki taiyari ho sakti hai aur taiyari kaise start kiya jaye

  169. I m graduate from Delhi university in school of open learning kya main IAS ki tyari kar sakta hu

  170. Gaurav Parasram Gurve

    Sir mera M.Com complete ho k 1 sal bit gaya hai kya mai UPSC ki tayyri kar sakta hu. Maine Bank aur Railwy ki ezam thi hai. Plese mere email id pe aap Suggestion reply karo. Aur kis prakr ye exam achive kar sakta hu use bare me uchitt magrdrshan kare.

  171. Alex Siddhartha Maurya

    I’m Greduate From Dr RML Awadh Univarsity Fizabad with subject English and Polictical Science. How to prepare for IAS Exams. Plz Tell me somthing.


  172. Hi,I am a Software Professional.i want to prepare for IAS. which subject will be better for me.

  173. Hello sir/Mam

    I’m a mechanical engineering student.
    & I want to prepare for IAS in hindi medium if I choose mechanical for optional subject so in which language will be my optional subject.
    please tell me anyone


  174. is hindi language is compulsory ???

  175. Sanjay
    I am student of bsc mathematics.I am make the IAS.who subject are easy in IAS exam.please reaply me.

  176. Hi… Im a mech student… Can I write ias mains in regional languages…

  177. i’m a cse student n i want to prepare for ias which subjects should i choose and how do i start

  178. hello
    I am Graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering stream , but i want to become collector
    please let me know which subject i should study first and from when ? i don’t know any procedure so

  179. i am a Bsc graduate zoology honors which subject i need prepair for upsc
    plz help me asap….

  180. sir mene B.A. non coll. se ki h, kya me upsc exam de sakta hu….

  181. i want to become an ias officer so which subject i should choose in 11
    pls comment fast

  182. I am commerce studdent I want to become collector so I want to tell u that I kept account and statistics as main sub but my interest is in history, geography can I choose those sub and know me what is the age limit and how many trial for general category

  183. tamil learn to success in upsc examination???..

  184. i am cse student.Which subject i choose for the main and can i write exam in tamil?

  185. Main abhi 12th pass out hua hu with pcm mujhe kaun sa subject Lena chahiye with Hindi medium

  186. History & political science is the best sub IAS

  187. I am a program student please suggest some reading for preparation of upsc exams

  188. Hi sir mai bhi ias ka tyari krna chahta hu iske liea mujhe kya study krna hoga, mujhe kon si newspaper pdna h, mujhe kitne hour pdayi krne se Hm successful ho jayenge but sir mai 2017 me 12th ka finel exam likhunga. Please sir aap mujhe apne margdarshan se successful bna dijiea. Thanks sir

  189. Hello seniours ! I am a law student & I want to preparation it which subject is better for me to preparation. Plz help me

  190. I m a nursing student which subject i should choose for optional paper

  191. Hello Sir mene B.A. kiya he. Me kya IAS ki Exam de sakata hu.plz help me

  192. How much marks required for qualify in mains exam

  193. Hi mera nam anu h..mai bs yh janna chahti hu ki ias exam ka center Varanasi me pr sakta h?? Because I am unable to go other city



  196. Hi everyone wants to be an IAS but don’t know even single syllabus of it. So it is request to you all please help me out in good manner. I will be obliged for this. My Whatsapp no. Is 08452954710

  197. Dear sir i m vipin vishwakarma i m doing graduation in the present time it is my last year & aftr it i want to prepare for ias exam y i have to do….which subject is bettr for me….please guide me….sir/madam

  198. If u choose first step your city name varanasi.. by d way UPSC decide karti hai Kiska exam konsi location me karvana hai

  199. hii maine bsc(maths) ki hai to muze konsa optional subject rakhna chahiye please guide me..

  200. Maine 12th class se IAS ke prepation start ke hai toh mujhe ketene time IAS ke study kre be cheye plz send me answer

  201. Ishfaq Ahmad Naikoo

    Plz &plz provide me syllabus of IAS and how will i prepare ias i have political science subject & give me tips

  202. Hii Maine 10+2 ke bad SSC CGL ki tayari ke sath-sath BA kar raha hoon IAS(civil service) ki tayari ke liye sabse achha GS ki book kaun si rahegi Pls pls send me answer

  203. Krishna Vatsala Tiwari

    Right now i am pursuing architecture..which subject should I choose..?!?

  204. I done my Graduation on Performing arts. Now I’m Teaching in Schools. Main janna chahti hun ke kya kya topik leke padai karun UPSC ke liya. Our main Kolkata se belong karti hun to toh kya mujhe koi idea mil sakta hai ki kahan se padai karun.

  205. WTF… Why are you providing wrong information? .. Candidates from Tripura have to give the Indian language paper but you are sating they no need not. Please provide correct info otherwise don’t at all

  206. I want to become a collector. but I am very much confused about reference book. please help me.

  207. Sir/mam
    I have dout .for preliem exam we can also choose Marathi language or not. Plzzz tell me fast.

  208. I am a third year B.E(civil)student .I would like to know about upsc exam strategy.could you send some guidance for civil service preparation?

  209. I am B.Tech(ece)student .How i study IAS???????????????????????

  210. I’m pursuing graduation. B.A. 2nd year with the subjects History and Pol. Science.. Which possible subject may I choose as optional subject? Pls guide..

  211. I am a bds student which paper is better for me

  212. I am a btec civil engineer as well i have complted graduation in social science, diploma holder in operation theatre tecnology. Now i want to preapre my self in civil service examnation please have a choice for me in optional subject,,

  213. I was confused about UPSC syllabus even i tried to get knowledge about it from many sides and people also bt now I hv complete idea about it’s syllabus …thanks. .

  214. Choose as ur optional,if u feel comfortable at that

  215. I, m Mohd Azad belonge to Hapur. I,ve completed my Aalmiyat. And now I, m a student of B.A. Aligarh Muslim university. Which subject,ll be helpful for I.A. S.
    Thanking u
    plz must tell me .

  216. Now I am studying engineering 3rd year.I want to become an IAS officer.I need
    a idea for the preparation without the help of coaching classes.

  217. Hello sir I am M.Sc. Mathematics student I want to go delhi for civil preparation so tell me which coaching Institute is best for hindi medium students and which two subject can I select that can be very helpful for me.

  218. I m b.e student i want to prepare for IAS which subject i should study ??

  219. I want to be an IAS but I selected economic paper. How many useful this subject please discribe this

  220. sir,may i know is it possible for computer science engoneer to give upsc exam

  221. Plz I kindly request you m ias bnna chati Hu or fee afford n krskti Institute ki toh plz muje ap ye btado ki m kese tyari krni suru kru abi m btech 2nd year cse me Hu plz reply plz btado plzzzzz

  222. Sir, me IAS banne ka driam hai. Plz muze book batavo sir. Apka abhari rahunga.

  223. Good mrng sir ma up police ma constable hu or ma IAS banna chta hu sir graduate hu final mana kr rakha h sir ma kon sa subject lu or paper k liye kon se Books please aap mujha ye bataye ki m apni tayari kes hisab sa karu ki job krta krta apna pariwar ka pat bhi paal saku or IAS bhi bn saku please sir guide me my contact no.8755476413

  224. Sir,
    I have passed graduate from History (honers).Now I want to know which subjects are better for UPSC (For me).

  225. Sir mai IAS bnana chahta hun sir mai math se graduation kr rha hun aage mujhe kya krna hoga please you can detai me mob-8804271597

  226. I m rimpi I want to ias but I don’t know is best history for option subject


  228. I am presently in 11 class and I want to prepare UPSC exam so that subject mainly focus and whatever do from now , please advise me.

  229. Sir,
    I am btech final year student from cse stream.could you please suggest me the optional subject for upsc examination.
    Thank you

  230. I m dipak and I nead ias so I tell u that can I take a idea to u that how can I prepaer without coaching

  231. hello… i am preparating upsc exam…. but can anyone tell me… how many words are given to write essay…

  232. only one subject can be chosen is possible.

  233. this page is helpful. .thank you can u give the favourite topics for essay writing in main exam

  234. Mai UPSC ki exam Dena Chahta hu uske LIYE kya Preparation kari hogi aur uske form ke LIYE kab Apply KARNA hoga please mujhe jankari dijiye

  235. i want to become ias. but how to prepare for that.

  236. Geography is the best subject for IAS* preparation.
    My choice g.

  237. I am a ex servicemen so please tell me about ex servicemen qota

  238. I am Physics graduated(much interest in it) and want to take it optional in UPSC would it be better than any other subject.I have not good knowledge of B.Sc.

  239. I am a computer science graduate. which subject should be best for me?

  240. hello,
    main ye janna chahata hoon ki ager main hindi language choose karta hoon to kya main answer likte time english word bhi use kar skta hoon.matalv hinglish use kae skta hoon kya…

  241. Which subject should i choose for main and optional subject if I have completed my graduation by subjects-
    functional english,elective english and psychology

  242. this is chandra sekhar resently chose the civils ambition plese give the some suzetions

  243. Am confuse to choose optional sub for ias main please help me to solve this

  244. Dear sir/mem

    my name is nitesh kewat i belong form kota rajastan i want take IAS silyybus please send ias silybus my gmail account

    thankin you

  245. I am student. I want to prepare for which subject should study?

  246. Sir I have complete my M.B.A
    Sir UPSC main exam Hum Kitni language mein de sakte hain?
    Kya Gujarati Language main exam ho sakti hai?

  247. i am a computer science engineer. I become an IAS officer. Which subject is best for me please answer me??

  248. Sir i m 26 year old and also married but i wanted to be an ias can i also try?

  249. I want become a collector after BE . So please give me suggestion for how to prepare for IAS exam .

  250. I am rev I want study in civil engg 3rdyerrr .my dream is IAS officer plz help me in preparation in IAS exam plz

  251. Sir
    I am studying in poly 1st year.
    But i want to become an IAS ,then what should I do.
    Can i Cancel my diploma and take admission in 11 art.
    Give me information.

  252. I am Humendra i satudent of engg. 3rd year.
    i want to study of ias .
    i have a doubt psc will helpful for st.udy of ias

  253. I am btech 3rd year student in mechanical branch iwould prepair IAS exam which subject is benificial for me

  254. Sir I am just comt bhms exam ,i want to be IAS officer so Wht can I do?how can?

  255. rushikesh sharad tirmarer

    I have completed degree in computer engineering. I want togo for upsc. What should i do first .

  256. I want to be an ias officer. So pls help me in preparation in ias exam plz.

  257. i am a computer science student. which subject i have to choose as optional?

  258. I want to become IAS so what sub is appreciated for me. I have qualified M. A. in English and geography. Please tell me how i prepare for Pre and mains.


  260. Respected sir
    My name dilshad from bihar behusarai
    I am an alim (religious)from madarsa Nadwa Luknow and i have no graduation certificate but i hope if will do work hard (if allah wils )it can be possible for me? Otherwise what will i have to do?

  261. i am B.Sc. qulify student my aim IAS 2017 what is my optinal sub batter plz sir help me

  262. i am B.Sc. qulify student my aim IAS 2017 plz help me

  263. Which optional subject is perfect for me becouse i was the student of biology

  264. for upsc how many optional subject need to select ?????????

  265. Respected Friends …..!

    A joyful greetings from Stalin victor from Pondicherry.

    i want to became a IAS & IPS & IFS Officer ….

    Till now i don’t have a single person for Guiding me regarding Group – I

    Examination. Respecter Sir / Madam / Friends “IF YOU ARE WILLING To GUIDING

    ME” Your are most welcome.

    My Contact Number is 7868092686.

    Thanking You

  266. I am completed MSC can i join IAS Coaching?

  267. Is Any one subjects we want to prepare for mains for general studies-4,5,6

  268. nice information make everything possible when we accept good ideology

  269. Mai IAS banna chahti hu mera hons.zoology h plz mujhe bataye ki mujhe kaun kaun sub. Rakhna chahiye.

  270. I’m a MCA student I want to know for IAS which paper shall I prepare?


    How to prepare ias exam and told me maximum marks gaining subjects pls….

  272. Sir I m Manish kumar I want be ias. Please give me a good advice for preparing Ias examination

  273. Please provide whole syllabus in briefly……

  274. sir i am unable to download upsc i.a.s. syllabus so kindly send me on my email.address thank you

  275. Sir, just finished on exam date but I have not apply in the examination at may I m apply the exam? Pls sir reply.I request you

  276. Sir, just finished on exam date but I have not apply in the examination at may I m apply the exam? Pls sir reply.I request you

  277. Bipin Bihari Baghe

    Now presently prepar to upsc exm pls say how which route I manage my exm…

  278. I am a economics (Hons ) student please tell me whose book I refer for IAS

  279. I am a arts student which book I refer for IAS exam

  280. Sir I have completed my civil engineering I decided to go UPSC examination and I have submitted form of UPSC 2017 .Sir please give me suggestions for preparing my exam

  281. Can i take French for upsc

  282. Sir I am hons . I Decided to go upse exam so. Sir please give me suggestions preparing my exam.

  283. mandawad shrikant shankar

    Sir iam B.Sc student and i want preapare ias pre exam please give me some information about these exam ….and which subject iam prepare mor concentrately..

  284. Sir i am B.Sc final in zoology botany chemistry to kon sa subject. Sahi rahega please Answer de aapki ati kirpa hogi

  285. khushal khandhala

    Hello sir, my name is khushalbhai khandhala
    upsc exam all syllabus sent in pdf
    my whatsapp number 8200431025
    pls give me answer

  286. sir mai ba1year ki student hu aur poltical science mera subject hai to kya mai ias ki exam dena chahati hu to muchhe ye btaye ki kya mai institute joine kar lu abhi koi

  287. Sir me12ke exam 22April ko finished ho jayege me Ias ki preparation krna chati hu toh 1st year se coaching lu ya 2nd Year se pls sir tell me

  288. Respected sir /madam, i’m Indra Modi my graduation percentages is very low,can I appear the IAS.

  289. Respected sir /Madam

    Hello, i am Hitesh Kumar, (mechanical) final year student . i want to become an ias what should i can prepare for IAS .please suggest me and Tell me about the optional subject which might better for me .Can you help me please.

  290. Respected sir/madam
    Hiii.i am Hitesh Kumar, mechanical final year i want to become what should i can prepare to myself for cracked the IAS exam.please suggest me.Can anyone help me

  291. Hello respected sir /mam
    I am Hitesh Kumar b tech mechanical final year i want to become how can i prepare myself for cracked the IAS.please suggest me what subjects are chosen by me which might be for me.can you help me please

  292. Sir, i am a bsc second year student from group (PCM) ,please tell which optional subject should i choose for preparation of UPSC IAS exam. I will be highly obliged to you. Thank you

  293. I have done bca now in 2017. ..and graduates now. .I want to give IAS exams. .suggest me better places for preparation. ..means end points for this. .

  294. Sir please send me upsc syllabus for IAS

  295. Do upsc syllabus changes for next years for IAS?

  296. Which subject honours is the best for get be an IAS officer

  297. My self shilpa Pakhale..I have passed out from diploma in electrical engineering…i want to become a IAS officer…give me suggestions


    My self RAHUL KUMAR , i ma civil engineering student & want become an IAS OFFICER.So please in optional whickh subject is best for me.l want to choose “”Political Science & International Relations””.please suggest me which coaching in DELHI is BEST…and also suggest me optional subject..

  299. What will be number in serial this IAS batch.


    Please provide me IAS syllabus

  301. Sir recently i have given 12 th board exam and was fail in chemistry and after compartment exam i hope i will be pass..want to become civil service officer..which sub will be best fr me in graduation ..and what level of prepration is required to crack exam

  302. Dear Kanhaiya,
    I’ll suggest you to take b.a(history) , which will be more helpful to crack civil service and also follow the other subjects (like basic economics) while studying, most importantly you should read newspaper daily.

  303. Dear sir/ma’am
    I’m Bhabani Prasad Dash and I’m counting my graduation in final year.I want to be a IAS,so I want to prepare.As a fresher I don’t have any knowledge about the preparation. So if u told the module which is required for preparation, then I’ll be very happy .

    Success is nothing,
    It’s a work ,which is, Start and finish by yourself.

    Thank u ,,,,,

  304. I want be an IAS OFFICER and now I’m studying in BSC PHY 2 year. So what can I do …
    Please give me a answer..

  305. Hai !
    Now i am studying studying M.Sc in Botany
    Which subject is useful to me in optional
    I am a telugu medium student from the basic

  306. Please suggest me

  307. Parmar jatinsinh raghuvirsinh

    Sir I am 9th class study and I like to union public service commission and I want to IAS officer (future)……i hard work for now and my future….. Thank you so much sir …

  308. Hlw sir
    Now I’m a student of +3 final year with economics honours.I want to be an IAS Officer.How can I help for this exam?Plz suggest me sir.

  309. Sir, I’m B. Sc degree back ground student. Can I take optional as telugu literature?

  310. Mai 10th ka exam deyaa hoon aur mera sapna hai ki mai ias officer banu please mujhe bataye ki is K liye mai kya karon aur kaun sa subject lekar iske taiyare karun

  311. IAS Main ki optional subject civil engineering and IES ki civil engineering papers are same??

  312. I am Telugu medium student I have prepare for upsc IAS ,so kindly tell me can I write in exam Telugu?

  313. Hi …. Anyone interested in group discussion message me on kik id- iasrahul.(only serious aspirant)

  314. Hi, I am Physiotherapist from Delhi. I am working but i want to do USPC “IAS” examination, so please guide me the exact line of preparation, what paper should be prepared for IAS paper pattern. Please guide me the best book and it cost for the coming next UPSC exam 2018.

  315. Patel Urvesh Rajendrabhai

    I studied bsc… After all can i give exam of IAS?

  316. when they say 10th standard maths is that CBSC or State Syllabus? and what is the best guide for this CSAT.. Please suggest

  317. Am a new aspirant of cse …so suggest me a best strategy to crack 2018 cse ….I know its hard to get…but I need some suggestions…

  318. Sir I am graduate BSC medical subjects dreams IAS officer ..plz guydance me..9660250375 …plz good institute to IAS compitions

  319. roop96007@gmail. Com


  321. Hii now I’m studying 1st yr bcom so which optional subject is suitable for me.plz anybody could help me

  322. Sir Meri age abhi 20 Hai but 7 July 2018 ki 21 ho jaye gi and Mera graduation bhi complete ho Jaye ga 2018 Mai to Kya sir Mai UPSC Mai apply Kar sakta hu ya nhi

  323. Raunak Tiwari. I am student of FY B. Com and I want to be an IAS officer, so please give me complete information about it.

  324. Plzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzz Mr Mrs can you please guide me

  325. Sir I’m 19 years old, I want to become a IAS officer, I don’t have minimum guidance Plz help me sir.

    Thank you

  326. Sir plse give me tips how to crack ias plse

  327. Sarita it would be better if u start getting coaching from rice institute because this caching will help u a lot

  328. sir iam doing my btech iam begineer to this field help me out

  329. Hello, is anybody here interested in online
    working? It is simple survey filling. Even 10$ per survey (ten minutes of
    work). If you are interested, send me e-mail to hans.orloski[@]

  330. I have done BSc. It. I Want to prepare for upsc exam. I want to ask what is the syllabus of upsc for BSc. It students

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